UPDATE: OCT 2011: T-Mobile is aggressively moving into Eastmoreland, Portland the same site that Clearwire tried last year, and in close proximity (a few feet from a child’s bedroom) T-Mobile tried 3 years ago (and failed). T-Mobile is also targeting a home owner and neighborhood in Alameda/Woodstock, in close proximity to a handful of childcare/ early education facilities. Visit www.noeastmorelandtower.com for more… Stay tuned for more on Alameda/Woodstock.

Clearwire backs down from cell tower at Mt.Tabor Middle School!

March 3rd 2011. Clearwire has dropped the pursuit of putting a cell tower next to MTMS. Congratulations to the parent community for beating back this predatory profiteering that may have endangered our children’s physical and mental well-being. Clearwire has also dropped their application in Woodstock/Eastmoreland and at a handful of other sites. While this is a major relief, the lack of control the City of Portland has with regard to cell tower regulation is appalling. As the Asst. Attorney told us in a meeting, the corporations have more control than the City does. This means they can and will be back, as long as there is no limit to wireless cellular antennae saturation (one on every roof top!), Clearwire or it’s competitors will look to own the radio frequency (RF) space. They could come to a sidewalk or school near you, no laws can stop them– yet.

Mark Your Calendar!

Rally for better cell tower regulation in Portland- Dec 4th 2PM at Pioneer Square (sidewalk circle) Download Rally flyer (PDF)

Clearwire/Sprint is installing a cell tower at Mt. Tabor Middle School.

Mt. Tabor Middle School PTA passed a resolution (Sept. 2010) opposing the building of a Clearwire/Sprint cell tower adjacent to the school playground. We formed this volunteer group: Mt. Tabor F.A.C.T.S (Families Against Cell Towers near Schools) to take action. We have kids in the school, there is a pregnant teacher in the school and lots of staff that are all at risk from being bombarded with radiation (electro-smog) from the Clearwire wireless cell tower.

This isn’t just about our school. The same thing may be coming to your neighborhood, place of worship or school. 800 more cell towers are planned for Portland over the next few years. Sign our Petition– tell Clearwire to move their tower away from sensitive community areas! (if you are within 3 blocks of a cell tower you are in the zone specified as unsafe by independent scientists)

Resources for immediate release:

Here’s a flyer with more info– Print it and Pass it on!

View the Clearwire/Sprint proposal